My Country Eyes

Well this is different, my very first country music Blog. Be gentle with me…

As an Irish singer/songwriter mainly working in the Country Music scene here in Ireland and having just returned from a trip to Nashville, I felt I wanted to write about my experiences as an artist here in Ireland, and my new love affair with Nashville.

My aim is to tell it like it is from my Country Eyes and to share with you some of the great music that is happening in Ireland and Nashville.

Music speaks to most people and Country music through its honesty and truth seems to excel at that! My journey in this genre started just three years ago when a Country music guru heard my voice on a social media post and became my manager. Through hard work and a lot of expense I went on to record and album with original songs written by some of Nashville’s top writers and some penned by yours truly. The result was something we did not expect. I got signed by a record label and a publishing company and won a myriad of music awards both for the album and my voice. All of which led me to making my maiden voyage to the US and spending nine incredible days in Nashville, Tennessee…..While in this Music City I co-wrote with the best of the best and performed at what can only be described as the Mecca for Country songwriters ‘The Bluebird Cafe’ Any fans of “Nashville” the CMT TV show will be very aware of this hallowed venue. I sat up there, guitar in hand surrounded by three legends in Country music penmanship and I felt like a fraud. I thought to myself, these guys have worked in this business all their lives and have written for the biggest names in Country Music and here is this Country girl from a small town in Ireland sitting in between them. It was surreal. Yet this was the most accepted I have ever felt in my 25 years of singing in various guises. These people are so humble and inspiring that you can feel their energy seeping into your bones and willing you to be a success. That night was the night I knew in my heart and soul that I was exactly where I was meant to be, that this was Gods plan for me…..


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